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Empowering the next generation of healthcare leaders derives from education, life experience, and personal perspectives, making us react and think differently, approach challenges and solve problems differently, make suggestions and decisions differently, and see different opportunities. We invite you to Join a committee today to help the future endeavors of the next generation bright.

Advocacy/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DE&I)

Chair, Kadesha Nicholas

The committee will work in conjunction with President to engage members in implementing resolutions related to health policy and advocacy. The committee will promote education and events to bring awareness to DE&I in the workplace.

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Sponsorship Committee

Chair, Trent Friar

The Sponsorship Committee will work with the President and full board to explore new ideas and areas for sponsorship opportunities. Evaluate sponsor pricing levels to ensure they are correctly priced. The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the implementation of sponsorship campaigns as well as maintaining relationships with the existing.

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Nominating Committee

Chair, Alexis Jackson

The Nominating Committee solicits, receives and considers suggestions for elected and appointed positions.

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Young Professional Committee

To be the voice and support of young professionals. The committee will develop and provide leadership with guidance on mentoring, leadership training, and education for emerging industry/healthcare professionals.

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Student Services/Education Committee 

The committee will extend the reach to gain partnerships with colleges and universities to increase educational and career opportunities for students on the healthcare career path. Identify educational event opportunities through survey analysis from partnered colleges and universities.

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Members Relations Committee 

The Member Relations Committee is responsible for Member spotlight (promotions work in the community, etc.) and recognition. The Committee is responsible for member notification correspondence, i.e., welcome letters, Birthday acknowledgment, etc., and inquiries.

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Social Media/Communications Committee

The purpose of the Social Media Committee is effectively and efficiently promote NAHSE Florida efforts, members, and relevant healthcare information in a timely manner. Maintain all NAHSE Florida social media accounts. Assess social media engagement analytics and actively solicit social media content from NAHSE Florida committees. The social media committee will also curate, schedule, and formally post social media content in appropriate social media channels.

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