NAHSE Florida


“The NAHSE Mentoring Program was exactly what I needed during my first year post-fellowship. My mentor’s willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom as well as connect me with other leaders truly made my experience invaluable. Our regular conversations, supplemented by the book summaries, helped me grow both personally and professionally, and I have been able to use the insights I’ve gained to exceed the goals that I set for myself. I would recommend the program to anyone.”

– Jasmin Hainey : 2018 Mentee

“I found the Program to be well thought out and organized. This program is much needed, especially for early and mid-careerists. I thought the reading materials were informative as well as educational. Overall, the Mentoring Program is great.”

-Marian Scott : 2018 Mentor

“My mentor has not only been a professional guide, but also a personal coach. There is incredible value having someone of color who has walked the same path you are on. To me, the path is mostly unknown and can be treacherous. To her, it’s a clear roadmap to success, because she’s walked it before. She has been able to help me navigate with confidence by sharing her wisdom every week. As a young leader, I have leaned on her during challenging times and she has been there to celebrate my early accomplishments. Her ability to share her personal truth, perspective, and insight gathered from years of experience in healthcare are unmatched. I have learned how to prioritize my day by being more deliberate about the must-do’s, empowering my team, and inspiring a shared vision for success. These tactics have greatly helped me grow in the new role. Without the NAHSE Mentoring program and Asha’s support, I would not be as successful as I have been today. Working with my mentor has been the most fulfilling experience as a young African-American leader and I look forward to staying connected throughout the years as I advance in my healthcare career.”

– Matthew Berkley : 2017 Mentee