Rosalyn Frazier, President & CEO

Rosalyn FrazierRosalyn Frazier is the fearless leader of Broward Community and Family Health Centers, Inc. (BCFHC). BCFHC offers affordable quality primary care and behavioral health services to residence of Broward County. The center has five locations throughout the county that caters to the health and well-being of the patients. Mrs. Frazier has served for 18 years and continues to strategize and implement initiatives to maximize and maintain the success of BCFHC. Her passion for equality in community health intensified as she traveled the country formulating and deploying policies and programs to enhance the status of under-performing health centers.

Mrs. Frazier had a robust career navigating various segments of community health centers across the nation. She was introduced to BCFHC as a change agent to catapult the organization into a stronger financial position. Her temporary project of improving BCFHC’s financial position, turned into her permanent home. She continues to strive and make significant inroads to the center’s performance. Ultimately her success hinges on her devotion to caring for all people and desire to advocate for the health and well-being of the less fortunate. NAHSE Florida elevates and promotes the loyalty, professionalism, and accomplishments of Rosalyn Frazier.